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Sanitary ware is about

to change radically.

Because we make it digital.

We launched our latest innovations at ISH 2019.

Download the catalogs with our new products below.

Where touchless technology

finally meets sustainability.

Touchless flushing technology has been around for several years now. It raised the level of comfort and hygiene but unfortunately also caused different problems. Excessive water usage and user frustration as a result of improper detection and wrongly timed flushes, high maintenance costs due to overflowing toilets and flooded floors... all caused by false flushing. 

Finally there's a solution. IPEE sets a new standard for automatic flushing systems. IPEE's revolutionary sensor technologies, decisively getting rid of false flushes, solve all previously mentioned  problems at once.


We’ve set new standards

in the world of sanitary.

We defined our own measuring principles from the chip-level up to set new standards. We are technologists with both a sustainable and a global ambition.


Want to help solve a global problem?

Technology is cool but it’s the people that make it hot. That’s why we as a team, promised ourselves to have fun while saving the world.