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Imagine sanitary ware so intelligent,

it optimizes its water usage autonomously.


Saving up to 45% of water,

based on real time data.

In comparison to classic flushing systems with fixed volumes we can adapt each flush individually based on unique data enabling a massive water saving.

Water usage - Fixed vs. Adaptive flushing volumes

For some it’s quantity,

for us it’s quality.

Sanitary ware has been largely automated by infrared technology measuring the presence of a user, or a passerby, or someone from cleaning, or maintenance…anyway… just movement. We monitor the flow and measure the content of your sanitary ware to exactly define the needed flushing volume. 

Monitoring vs. Detection


Invisible is the new black.

All the data we retrieve is measured through the ceramic surface.

We don't disturb the beauty of ceramics; we're here to make it smart.


Architectural excellence made to scale.

Creating a new measuring principle was just halve the battle. It needs to be readily available to meet demand. It’s why we designed our sensor specifically for high-volume manufacturability.


You can't change the world

without ever crossing your borders.


European market



Southeast Asian market


A global ambition needs like-minded partners in achieving this goal. We are currently partnering with world leading brands in Europe and Asia to bring our solutions to market. Follow our Linkedin page for press releases and news.