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Driven by simplicity.

IPEE Vortex is the best solution to automatically flush urinals. The intelligent sensor comes mounted on a dedicated trap and measures both the level of the water and the concentration of urine in it. It detects the usage flawlessly and will only flush after use. No more false flushes nor unnecessary waste of water! Because the sensor never comes in direct contact with the urine, the system is insensitive to wear and tear and requires no maintenance.

The IPEE flushing system is very easy to install. It works on ceramic, plastic and metal urinals with a rear water inlet and outlet.

For horizontal outlet urinals

IPEE Vortex is designed for urinals with a horizontal water outlet and is remarkably easy to install. Simply slide the sensor over the dedicated siphon, connect the cables and hoses and Vortex is ready for action.


Non-invasive detection

Unlike other flushing technologies, the IPEE Vortex sensor is able to detect both the start and end of usage. This results in perfectly timed flushes and an unrivaled user experience.

IPEE Vortex can detect through the plastic surface of the siphon and therefore never gets in contact with urine. This makes the system very reliable and insensitive to wear, resulting in a product that requires no maintenance.

Installation videos

Step-by-step instruction video on how to install the 230V mains version of IPEE Vortex.

Step-by-step instruction video on how to install the 6V battery version of IPEE Vortex.

Usage videos

How to perform a forced flush. 

How to set the next flushing volume.

How to recalibrate IPEE Vortex. Recalibration can be necessary when something went wrong during the installation or when the trap has been changed.